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Znalytics Selected for Mid-Atlantic Market Expansion Project

ATLANTA – May 10, 2017 – Znalytics, a leading provider of Retail Energy Solutions, today announced it has signed an agreement to serve as the market expansion platform for an ESCO expanding to serve customers in several Mid-Atlantic markets.  Znalytics will provide EDI services using their Advanced Data Management (ADM) system. CIS and customer care services will be provided using Znalytics’ Energy Operation System (EOS).

“Znalytics is committed to helping clients enter new markets quickly,” said Mari Reddy, CEO. “That speed, coupled with our system’s ability to support innovative retail initiatives, is proving popular in the Retail Energy community.”

Sales and billing in the new markets is scheduled to begin this summer.

About Znalytics
Znalytics serves Retail Gas and Electric Suppliers throughout North America and Japan.  They provide advanced EDI, Billing, Customer Care, Supply and Analytics services in a fast and flexible cloud-driven model. For more information, visit www.znalytics.com or email retailenergy@znalytics.com.

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