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Znalytics Announces Continued Growth in Japan

 Znalytics is honored to serve PPS providers working with the Japanese industrial customer segment.  Znalytics is honored to serve PPS providers working with the Japanese industrial customer segment.

ATLANTA – August 2, 2017 – Znalytics, a leading provider of Retail Energy Solutions, today announced agreements to provide Znalytics Energy Operations System (EOS) and Advanced Data Management (ADM) services to seven new PPS/REUs in Japan’s liberalized energy market. These retail energy suppliers are the first Japanese-owned companies to select Znalytics’ retail energy platform.

“This is a significant milestone for Znalytics,” said Mari Reddy, Znalytics CEO.  “These clients represent our first Japanese-owned client, our first migration of active Japanese electricity accounts from existing providers, and our first opportunity to serve the dynamic High Voltage sector in Japan.   It is an exciting time for everyone in our organization to serve all of these new clients.”

The first of these new clients are set to begin using Znalytics services in September. Implementation for the remaining retailers will continue into the fourth quarter, with all retailers live this year.  Six of the companies serve Japan’s High Voltage (C&I) market, while the other remaining retailer serves Low Voltage (mass-market) customers.

“We invested heavily in perfecting a system that represents cutting-edge technology and U.S. energy experience, while supporting Japanese business models” added Reddy.  “Having Japanese companies acknowledge this and trust us with their business, is GREAT validation.”

About Znalytics
Znalytics offers a comprehensive suite of retail energy management tools to electric and gas retailers in the U.S. and abroad.  Their flagship products, EOS and ADM, are designed to allow fast market entry, support non-commodity product offers, and give retailers an unlimited innovation space to differentiate themselves from their competitors.  For more information, visit www.znalytics.com or email retailenergy@znalytics.com.

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