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Znalytics Secures Tenth Client

ATLANTA – September 12, 2017 – Znalytics, a leading provider of Retail Energy Solutions, today announced a new agreement to provide CIS/billing and EDI services to their tenth client.  Znalytics will implement their EOS and ADM products for major electric markets throughout the country.

Despite a long relationship with an established vendor, the client was won over by Znalytics due to their deep retail energy experience and software with modern architecture, that is essential in today’s energy industry.  Easy integration with third-parties and flexibility of customer management were critical in the company’s decision.

“We are excited for this new client partnership and proud of our continued growth.” said Mari Reddy, Znalytics CEO, adding “Reaching this milestone in one year surpasses our expectations, and it is a testament to our team’s drive and execution.”

The company has seen aggressive growth since announcing its leading products were commercially available in the retail energy industry.  By developing solutions that focus on ease of use, flexibility, and addressing many of the persistent issues that have plagued energy retailers, Znalytics is building a strong base of clients.  The company is focused on the evolution of the industry to stay at the forefront of new technological opportunities. “Our goal is to exceed our clients’ needs today, and in the future, to forge lasting relationships.” said Reddy.

About Znalytics                                                                                                              Znalytics offers a market-leading suite of retail energy management tools to electric and gas retailers in the U.S. and abroad.  Their flagship products, EOS and ADM, are designed to allow fast market entry, support non-commodity product offers, and give retailers an unlimited innovation space to differentiate themselves from their competitors.  For more  information, visit www.znalytics.com or email retailenergy@znalytics.com.

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