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At Znalytics our commitment to partnership is more than just lip service. Our Retail Energy Management Suite was designed with one key idea in mind – giving our clients a strategic advantage in the competitive market place. Our software includes advanced intelligence that allows users to clearly track, and react to, changes in their Key Performance Indicators. All Znalytics products are designed with an innovation space that allows teams to customize and enhance the system to suite the way they work. When they grow, so do we–and that’s exactly how a great partnership is supposed to work.

Mari Reddy

CEO & Founder

  • Our Mission

    Provide our clients a competitive advantage through the ability to manage their entire business on one platform.

  • Our Vision

    New, modern technology company, not incumbered by legacy systems, that works with the retail energy players globally to help our clients businesses perform better.

  • Our Value

    A Commitment to innovation and excellence.


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