Znalytics - The Competitive Advantage

We launched Znalytics based on listening to what customers said and building our solutions and business methodologies accordingly. A few key points include:


  • A single platform that can manage your business from end to end
  • Modern code that is easy to modify as your business needs change
  • Decision support and analytics so you can better manage your business
  • The ability to support non-commodity products and services on the same platform
  • A solution based on experience and best practices from an experienced team that understands the business
  • The ability for customers to pick and choose different modules and have them work together with other solutions


  • Lower initial price points to reduce upfront costs
  • Competitive pricing for implementation, integration and migration with no surprises
  • Recurring fees on per meter per month that all meters are applied to the lower tiered pricing
  • The ability to receive discounts based on your global volume without any per-market minimum requirements


  • Implementation and data migration that can be done quickly, accurately and without disrupting your daily business
  • Provide an experienced team for implementation to save your staff valuable time
  • Work with partners in Japan to ensure local integrations occur in a timely manner without issue
  • The ability to configure the system quickly and easily to do business the way you want it instead of forcing change


  • Dedicated account managers focused on your needs without having to go through layers of people to get what you want
  • Flexibility so we can modify or customize your system within a budget you control
  • Timely responses and due dates so you can better plan for when requests are delivered