Znalytics - The Competitive Advantage

Energy Operating Systems

Our platform is designed to let you take control of CIS and Billing needs. Our features put the power in your hands to implement new business processes quickly to capitalize on market trends while they still matter.

Advanced Data Management

The backbone of the business is data. Our ADM solution takes EDI and XML to the next level with normalized, clean data. By doing this, we prevent costs from driving up, while also alleviating the need for human intervention.

Retail As A Service

Znalytics and Flower Power have joined forces to offer retailers a fast and efficient way to enter the Japanese electric market. •Low cost entry fees •Includes Credit Sleeve •Choose to use your own branding OR create a brand new brand for the Japanese market •Launch in weeks, not months


Znalytics proudly provides customers with state-of-the-art applications that are simple to use and highly effective for both mobile and desktop platforms

Technology Services

Success today means prioritizing customer acquisition and retention. Whether that means outsourcing your infrastructure, or testing and customizing development needs, Znalytics is here to help.

Executive Decision Management

EDI and XML are taken to the next level with our data management solution. We offer normalized, clean data transactions with utility trading partners around the world. All data is visible to you in its entirety right from EOS.

Commodity Management System

Executive Decision Management provides insights executives need to make critical decisions for business. From simplified dashboards to predictive modeling, EDM makes future-proofing your company effortlessly attainable.