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Znalytics proudly provides customers with state-of-the-art applications that are simple to use and highly effective for both mobile and desktop platforms

Customer Facing Enrollment

Znalytics provides customers with easy to use self-service interfaces that can capture required information in any utility territory. Our enrollment platform allows users to enroll multiple service accounts, as well as the ability to select utilities based on their area and commodity selected. Customers are provided with receipt pages that link to their actual documentation.

Customer Facing Portal

The Znalytics self-service portal allows users to create new portal accounts with unique usernames and passwords, which users can then easily manage. Once an account is created, users are provided with several useful abilities such as logging when users sign in and capturing respective IP addresses, automatic portal logging out after a specified amount of time, providing Terms and Conditions pages relevant to a portal for new users, and a “remember me” function to retain portal information.

Customers will enjoy a home page where they can view the following:

  1. • Current Account Balance
  2. • Enrollment Status
  3. • Service Account Summary
  4. • Customers can also view and edit their billing information from this landing.

Mobile application

Customers are given access to our mobile application, which can be accessed on both iOS and Android platforms. Some notable features of the application include:

  1. • Ability to capture all required information for customer enrollments
  2. • Use the camera functionality natively available on the device to capture photos, including photos of documents, that will be stored within the enrollment in EOS.
  3. • Submit all completed enrollments to the Acquisitions Module of EOS where they are automatically submitted for processing by the utility trading partners
    1. ○ Transactions are available for customer service and troubleshooting activities after submission.
    2. ○ Submitted to OCCTO in Japan
  4. • Ability to use the app in either English or Japanese

Our mobile platform also allows for customization elements that provides branding elements to identify the Retailer’s Energy brand, as well as the ability to customize the text associated with questions on the application.




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