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Retail As A Service

Retail As A Service

Znalytics and Flower Power have joined forces to offer retailers a fast and efficient way to enter the Japanese electric market.
•Low cost entry fees
•Includes Credit Sleeve
•Choose to use your own branding OR create a brand new brand for the Japanese market
•Launch in weeks, not months

If you’re looking to expand into new markets, look no further than Znalytics’ RAAS services.

This solution allows retailers to enter the market in only a few weeks and enjoy of the benefits of Flower Power’s wholesale electric and services and Znalytics’ suite of customer acquisition, billing and customer care tools.

The RAAS Model allows Energy Retail Companies to bypass the hurdles of market entry and move directly to building their own high-value customer portfolio.

During their time using RAAS, the Retailer will engage the market exclusively as a fully operational and licensed subsidiary of Flower Power. Retailers can choose to use their existing brand with this subsidiary, or choose a new brand designed with the Japanese market in mind.

Your Japanese retail subsidiary includes everything you need to achieve success in Japan. This includes Znalytics’s EOS, ADM and optional sales tools and Flower Power’s wholesale supply and credit services. It also includes full integration with OCCTO, membership to JEPEX, and out of the box integrations for key services such as Credit, ACH and Convenience Store Payment Processing. Optional BPO Services are also available to help further minimize retailer’s initial investment and staffing burden.

Retailers are expected to invest in their own Sales & Marketing teams, Call Center, and Product and Pricing Offers. If desired, Znalytics and Flower Power can introduce you to potential partners experienced in these areas to help ensure your market launch is a great success.

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