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EMC 14 - Znalytics & agility overall sponsors

Znalytics & Agility CIS Announced as Overall Sponsors for Energy Marketing Conference 14

Znalytics & Agility are proud to be overall sponsors for EMC 14, the leading trade event for energy retailers.

This fall the conference is going online for the first time ever. At a 3-day virtual event attendees will be able to hear from industry experts, join panel discussions on the hot topics facing retailers, and participate in dozens of other networking sessions and events. 

Mari Reddy, President of Znalytics commented “We are proud to be the overall sponsor for this event – it has never been more important for retailers and vendors to connect on the future direction of the industry. Znalytics and Agility will be leading the debate on key opportunities and challenges in the US energy market, from adapting to changing customer demands, to capitalizing on growth opportunities in overseas deregulated markets.”

The event will take place on November 17 – 19 and there will be an estimated 1,000 attendees joining the virtual events over these 3 days. 

“Energy Marketing Conferences has become the primary way that the retail energy industry works together – a place where REPs and vendors can get together and discuss the best solutions.  We wouldn’t be able to host the Energy Marketing Conference without the strong support of our Overall Sponsors” said Larry Leikin, EMC co-founder.

In June 2020 Znalytics was acquired by Agility CIS, a market-leading provider of cloud-based billing solutions globally. Agility’s solutions serve more than 3.5 million end-customers globally. The company is the largest supplier of energy solutions in the Australian market, and has a growing foothold in the USA too. 

As joint overall sponsors of the event, Agility and Znalytics will be offering up their shared collective knowledge for attendees, garnered across decades of experience in deregulated energy markets globally. They will be hosting executive workshops, sharing insights on industry trends in the EMC event brochure, and engaging in discussion with CEOs as part of an invite-only roundtable.  

Znalytics and Agility have established offices in Atlanta and Texas and a fast-growing presence in Japan, the world’s largest deregulated energy market. Znalytics’ cloud-native platform, Energy OS, is built on the latest modern technology with advanced solutions that provide superior scalability, security and performance to drive efficiencies for clients. The company has a rapidly growing client base in the USA, and has been able to tap into Agility’s global scale to accelerate product development and expand its offering for clients. 

Get in touch to learn more about Znalytics’ and Agility’s sessions at the conference.

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