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ALPHARETTA, GA – Znalytics announced today that the company has signed an agreement with a Texas based Energy Retailer expanding Znalytics’ client base in this market. The client is migrating its customer base onto the Znalytics EOS [Energy Operating System] platform for Customer Service and Billing largely due in part to its modern architecture and new functionalities that will allow this client to grow its portfolio and operate more efficiently.

“Texas markets are a great fit for EOS and Znalytics,” says CEO Mari Reddy. “Our flexible system design gives retailers the freedom to offer the dynamic and creative pricing plans and billing strategies needed to innovate in the ERCOT market and leave your competitors behind.”

The client will also utilize Znalytics EDI services based on its ADM [Advanced Data Management] system.

Outside of Texas, Znalytics is also operating its EOS and ADM solutions in many other deregulated States in the US, working within over 90 Utility Territories and offering further expansion opportunities for this client.

About Znalytics

Znalytics offers a market-leading suite of retail energy management tools to electric and gas retailers in the U.S. and international markets. Superior performance and value have led Znalytics to be the fastest growing CIS and EDI provider in the energy industry. Their flagship products, EOS and ADM, are designed to allow fast market entry, seamlessly integrate with vendors, and give retailers an unlimited innovation space to differentiate themselves from their competitors. For more information, visit www.znalytics.com or email retailenergy@znalytics.com.

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