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TOKYO – Znalytics hosted more than a dozen Japanese retailers on June 14th for a workshop that highlighting Znalytics’s leading solutions for Customer Care/CIS, Sales, Market Communication and advanced pricing. Visiting retailers also learned about the evolution of the US market and success stories and strategies from American retailers. The event featured a variety of speakers and was attended by over a dozen retailers and company representatives within the industry.

“Events like this are a great opportunity to interact with active retailers in the Japanese market. It’s about more than exposing retailers to our toolset. It’s about helping them achieve success and create a competitive marketplace that lives up to it’s full potential in serving customers,” said CEO Mari Reddy. “Healthy competition and innovation is win for every retailer in the market place.”

The workshop started with a presentation by Katsuya Goto regarding the state of Japan’s retail electric energy market as well as an introduction to Energy Operating Systems (EOS), Znalytics CIS/customer care tool. This introduction was then followed by a full demonstration of the Znalytics mobile application delivered by operation’s analyst Iou Sugiura.

In addition, guests were introduced to Znalytic’s mobile door to door sales application, and a demonstration of Znalytics’ state-of-the-art custom pricing engine. This demonstration was led by product manager Takuya Sugano, who also provided attendees with an introduction to some more advanced commercial pricing strategies used in the US market like block and index, and heat rate priced energy products.

Flower Power executive director Sam Matsumoto joined the workshop to introduce the supply and credit services they offer to Japanese retailers. Znalytics CEO, Mari Reddy, closed the presentation by discussing the evolution of deregulation in the US and the parallels to the Japanese market. For more information on upcoming workshops hosted by Znalytics, visit https://znalytics.com/news/ or https://www.linkedin.com/company/znalytics/.

About Znalytics

Znalytics offers a market-leading suite of retail energy management tools to electric and gas retailers in the U.S. and international markets. Superior performance and value have led Znalytics to be the fastest growing CIS and EDI provider in the energy industry. Their flagship products, EOS and ADM, are designed to allow fast market entry, seamlessly integrate with vendors, and give retailers an unlimited innovation space to differentiate themselves from their competitors. For more information, visit www.znalytics.com or email retailenergy@znalytics.com.

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