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ATLANTA – Znalytics, a leading provider of Retail Energy Solutions, today announced a new agreement to provide CIS, billing, and EDI services to Powervine Energy. The deal includes their flagship EOS and ADM solutions for multiple energy markets across the United States. Powervine Energy will also take advantage of Znalytics’ newest offerings–customer facing solutions for self-service enrollment and customer management.

The implementation of the project begins in February, with an expected launch in April of this year. Powervine Energy will operate in gas and electric markets throughout the U.S. and will leverage more than 80 years of energy experience to grow the new company. Powervine did a thorough review of all available system providers in the energy industry. Znalytics was confirmed as one of two finalists, before being ultimately chosen for this ambitious rollout.

The management team at Powervine previously worked with Znalytics for a nationwide implementation at a former retailer. “We are thrilled to work with the team at Znalytics again. They did an excellent job with a very challenging project, and we expect the same level of expertise and execution” stated, Bill Kinneary, CEO of Powervine Energy. “We had confidence in Znalytics going into the evaluation, and their new CIS solution was a remarkable improvement over what we saw just three years ago.”

Znalytics has achieved enviable success in the U.S. and Japan since announcing their products were available to the retail energy industry. “Our energy experience and modern architecture and design make it easy for companies to launch and operate in multiple territories quickly. Our intuitive operations tools, ability to run on any internet-connected device and advanced automation allow retailers to get started with a small operations team and minimal technology investment ” stated Jennifer Moore, VP of Client Services.

About Znalytics

Znalytics offers a market-leading suite of retail energy management tools to electric and gas retailers in the U.S. and international markets. Superior performance and value has led Znalytics to be the fastest growing CIS and EDI provider in the energy industry. Their flagship products, EOS and ADM, are designed to allow fast market entry, seamlessly integrate with vendors, and give retailers an unlimited innovation space to differentiate themselves from their competitors. For more information, visit www.znalytics.com or email retailenergy@znalytics.com.

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